I am a life-long alien experiencer, and I have visited a few other worlds briefly for the purpose of learning from the experience so that I can tell others.

It is very rare that alien life takes any humans away from Earth.

Water Edit

One that I have been to has a great deal of water all over the planet and lots of low trees or high bushes.

There are lots of foot bridges and walkways built to get around the land.

There is a great deal of marine life, and the marine life is equivalently evolved as the people, and communicate with the people.

Land Edit

Another I have visited has large land mass.

It has water but I did not see it that I recall.

The land is covered in vegetation that looks similar to wheat plains.

They have no trees.

They have animals wild and domestic, much further advanced and different from our own.

Stars Edit

Another is a world of a race of beings of light.

These people are as alive and physical as we are, but their bodies are made of light.

They are intelligent energy and their home is a star.

Their buildings are very tall and all white with no windows, tubular shapes, sloped down at the rooftops.

They have no trees or any animal or marine life.[1]

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